Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Clever Headlines Are Not What They Used To Be

"In the old days. Days when even the Nostalgia was better. You noticed that clever timejump wordplay? Well, it's too late to play with time travel when you already got this far.  Unless we try to undermine the original premisses. That is only if we don't go that far back in time - only to the moment when the actual change in headlines happened - and not go too far. Would that be okay? Are you a man from the future talking to me? Or am I just talking to myself?", he responded.

"They are all very good questions, but they are not even touching the interface of How Language Has Changed During All These Years -App. ", was shown on the screen opposite of the mall hall. She didn't really react to the man talking about "days when", "Nostalgia", "man from the future", and "am I just talking to myself." It all seemed so eerie. Misty as a hall full of people could ever be. But they did not know half of it.

You don't know yet how, but the next paragraph is going to start with a small reference to the structure. And it is going to end to the conclusion.

It is trying to reflect itself from the headline without realising that the headline is just a foreword before the afterword. At least then the headlines used to make sense.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Five Reasons to Be Against Abortion

There is a good few of you folks who still needs reasoning against abortion. We all know it, and we know what already happened when gays were allowed to get married. God doesn't live in this country as strong as it used to. I think the strongest reason why we failed there was because we were not reasoning enough. Before the kettle of hell gets turn to us as a nation we should all figure out how to fight the next level of Satanism, and Abortionism. So write these down. These are the five good reasons why abortion should not be allowed.

1. The Polish

Did you know that after the Schengen deal, most of the Europeans that came to Ireland were the ones from Poland? There are more people speaking Polish than Irish. According to eurostats there are more people moving to Ireland than from anywhere else. Think about this?!? Enda Kenny might be required to have a simultaneous translator from Irish to English, and then to Polish, just because of all those ladies who had an abortion in Poland. The good lady always stays home, and what are they doing here right now?!? Not just taking jobs, but also protesting for abortion.

2. Eiffel Tower

Did you know that Eiffel Tower is more than 300 meters tall? You probably did not know that. French also built the Statue of Liberty. They also were very rebellious against the Monarchy, just like Irish did. What do they do with that easiness?!? They build a fekking tower which some could find a bit like a penis looking, and who do like penises the most?!? The ladies who are driven by the devil, and don't want to get married. They just want to get pregnant, just to have an abortion, because they like to visit France. 

3. Aer Lingus

It is probably a bad moment to talk about Aer Lingus, but as you know the bible says

 "They would none of my counsel: they despised all myreproof."

And this is why it never works the same way as Ryan Air. Of course the other company can take where ever you want to go, but you should never forget that there is no such thing as a cheap abortion. Think about the brimstone, and then think about flying planes. Think about the Aisling, the daughter of Ireland. Were would you be now if we would have been using Aer Lingus just to get an abortion?!? Think about that.

4. Personality

If you have ever seen a pregnant woman, you will know by heart that there is a living, and breathing thingie inside the mother. That's why it is already perfectly a good situation to do personality tests to them. Hardest part is to get your voice heard through the pregnant people, and that's why normal people use amplifiers. They can raise your voice's normal strength to as high as 120 db. which allows you to make reasonable questions to the child. You can ask him/her questions like which colour do you like the most? This red, or this blue. Of course you might laughing because children cannot speak at that time. They are not even breathing. BUT WOULD YOU LIKE TO MURDER THIS LOVELY PERSONALITY, just because you hate god. I think not. You want to cherish that pile of DNA as a person of free will. 

5. Donald Duck

Name your ten favourite cartoons. You can even name five, and they probably have a Disney brand on them. Think about the world where that would not be possible. That would only be possible because the evil atheists killed Walt Disney, and with him, the angry bird, and all the musical animations that you love. Would you like to be the abortionist of your family?!? Think again!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Celtic Streissand Effect

Somebody probably still remembers Novaya Gazeta, and Anna Politkovskaya. The latter was murdered about a century ago, and the paper itself has met some hard times in Russia. Politkovskaya wrote many articles in Novaya Gazeta about some probable mischiefs from Russian government's side in Chechen War. Murderers were never caught, but she got a lot of attention for her articles. Russia still doesn't really excel on the transparency level.

Then there was this website based solely on donations, and they torrented US diplomatic cables around the web. Julian Assange is wanted in the USA for spying (or maybe not), and in the Sweden for a (alleged) rape. Wikileaks produced papers that showed that everything is not so black and white in war, and probably never will. USA government was not very happy with this issue, but seems that Julian Assange is too liked person for drone attacks.

Then there is Edward Snowden. Also a hero of free speech, but unfortunately plenty of times confused with Julian Assange as seen on John Oliver show. Snowden is still alive, and the leaks are still out there.

In Ireland, you would not except that kind of silencing would go through unless it's blasphemy which is still a crime in Ireland, except it just completely did. It seems that the local court has just decided that local media should not give out any information about Denis O'Brien's involvement in local corruption (alleged, or not). When a member of the parliament Catherine Murphy brought this (alleged) suspicion up in the Dáil (Irish Parliament), no local newspaper dared to published her speech, although it should be normal journalistic process just to quote somebody.

Irish High Court decided that his past should not be reported in newspapers at all. It started when RTE was about to bring out some old stuff from his past, and his lawyers just run in there, and for some odd reason actually won the hearing. Except for which still loans MP Murphy's speech from the Dail. 

Hopefully Mr. Denis O'Brien and his lawyer's will hear about the Streisand Effect. It usually ends up when trying to shut up people in the internets that the voice actually gets louder.

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Celtic Tiger Might Take a Great Leap for Equality Today

This is a great moment to live in Ireland. You can see, hear, and feel the history being made. Referendum will be held today to decide what should be the age of presidential candidates. Important as well, but also the vote for Marriage equality will be cum in actum.

Posters of "Yes" and "No" side

As it is kind of obvious that equality includes the idea of similar rights for everyone, as well as similar obligations. There should only be a need to inspect why Ne Doit Pas -side seems to be steaming against equality. 

My favourite bully group, Iona Institute, has been publicly advocating against equality by saying it is inequality. Let's take a moment to look at the work of these great minds.

Reasoning is that a mother can't be a father, nor a father cannot be a mother. I don't think anyone has even tried regenderize (I don't know if that is even a word, but I'll let it be here for a while. Maybe it will grow some root) parents. On a grass root level the no-side has been vigorously handing out leaflets explaining why you should vote no in bullet points. The point seems to be that it is redefining marriage, and that even the Bible says something about something. I just fail to see what is the downside of Marriage Equality. Is there going to be a flood, or a swarm of grasshoppers raining from the skies? 

This is probably how they see themselves:
(excerpt from Iona Institute's Bible)

When I go through Iona Institute's established view points. I see this:
(excerpt from Iona Institute's legal division)

You kind of know that things have gone too far when a lobbyist group starts posting news about two heterosexual men marrying each other. It is like taking everything that you can find, and just keep throwing them at imaginary enemies. Well, why not. They seem to be in good terms with a special kind of imaginary friend. 

This is what was happening on O'Connell street yesterday:

I was too lazy to edit this video. Anyways, it seemed so appropriate that people were singing Queen. They also sang John Lennon's Imagine. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Susan Anne White Recognizes the Arrival of the 1900s

It seems that Ireland is getting to the 1900s sooner than expected. This evidence was brought to me by Susanne Anne White as covered in the Independent yesterday. As you probably are aware (cause you know what is Internet, and you were able to find here) things like Feminism formed itself with pioneer thinkers like Simone De Beauvoir, Rock'n'Roll conquered the whole wide world about 50 years ago, and from the ruins of two World Wars rose European Economic Community, or the European Union as it is commonly known these days.

White is against all these things, but she doesn't regard herself as an extremist, as she sees that the society has moved, and back in the old good days people would have shared her views. They would have probably partied like it was 1899 again if it wasn't for those long haired what-you-calls-them.

But if you don't know what the internet is, and you are reading this from a paper that your holy padre brought to you as evidence of the Devil being close then you might agree with several of White's points. Rock'n'roll music decapitates holy matrimony, fuels sexual anarchy, and there is a connection to drugs. And the Devil said it was a good thing, and rock'n'roll Atheists celebrated in the orgy of death (or Friday as we tend to call it).

But she doesn't stop there. Gays should be jailed, adulterers should be imprisoned, and feminists should be - well, she really doesn't propose anything bad for Feminists. Only that because of them the idea of man as a provider for the family has decayed, and ladies are forced to work instead of being little baby ovens.

It seems that a woman standing for election to have women returned back to the kitchen from the public life doesn't lack anything in the irony shop. Wait till she hears about the Yes Equality movement.

ps. If you are reading this post from the paper don't wonder about those blue letters. We call them links. It's basically the same thing as in those (old) adventure books where you are required to turn to a certain page to continue the adventure, and you could go on and read it again, and again, and make different decisions, and have completely different adventure. Tomorrow people also play video games, and some of them don't take the concept of God too seriously.

edit: Check this Metro's photo of her campaign promises.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Not So Good Friday

It is almost time for Christian celebration of Easter, but it is celebrated very differently in Ireland compared to many other European countries. The Good Friday is not considered as a bank holiday, but the following Monday is. Ireland has this funny custom to have, almost regardless of the case, a bank holiday on the following monday. St. Patrick's day, Christmas, and New Year's day are the only exceptions to this magnificent rule. The reasoning might have something to do with mixing festivities with alcohol.

For is this not the country which economy is basically run by alcohol. One of the economical meters that this country uses is the amount of Guinness brewed, and consumed per day, per month, and per pub, etc. And when it comes to public drunkenness, the attitudes reflect to those of Great Britain, and Nordic Countries. When it comes to consumption, according to some trusthworthy studies, Ireland beats every European country except those of Austria, and countries east from there (Hungary, Montenegro, etc.). So it came to me as a surprise when there is actually a day when selling of alcohol is prohibited by law.

Well, almost. National Newspaper Publin has brought a list of how to get alcohol (with food in hotels, take a cheap 20 euro flight and go to the airport, check the link), and they do this annually. Thing to notice would also be that if you don't want to get killed by thirsty scavengers of alcohol on Thursday, you should stockpile for this special event already on Wednesday. The couple of years I've spent in the country has proven that there are two days when people go on spending spree. The day before Christmas to buy presents, and more so the day before the Good Friday, which is an absolute mess.

There has only been once a day since 1927 that Irish (well Limerickians) have been able to do their normal alcohol businesses on the Good Friday, and that was in 2010 (Good Friday Disagreement). Personally this offends my Atheism, and my goodwill towards all the Public Houses around the whole country. Our only hope is in the politicians like Frances Fitzgerald, but as long as the reasoning is some Gaelic sports like Rugby, we might only see relaxed regulations during major sports events.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The tiger is about to touch your pint

It seems that the Irish government is planning to set a minimum price for alcohol reports the Irish Independent. Paper usually uses a lot of pages to slur Sinn Féin, but this time they left out the part that the party was opposing the governments plan, not because of raising alcohol prizes, but that they are not promoting a bill to ban alcohol commercials.

My favorite country for comparing Ireland is Finland, and they officially have both of these bills in affect. High taxation on alcohol, and starting from this year, they have also banned alcohol commercials in spite that there is no evidence that alcohol commercials would affect drinking habits. Though there are some credible sources (citation needed) claiming that the commercials have an affect on which brands people pick up as their drug of the evening. So far the price changes in Finland hasn't affected so much in the usage, as it has more affected on the types of alcohol sold (beer, wine, vodka).

Leo Varadkar seems to believe that higher alcohol prizes will put a hold on domestic violence, sexual violence, and all kinds of other violence. At least if we are interpreting his Independent quote correctly when he stated that "[alcohol is] associated with many suicides and instances of sexual violence, domestic violence and child harm. The time for debate is over, we have had four years of it now. It is over and we need to put those measures into place."

I could make a working theory if I would assume that Varadkar's view of correct social policy by stating that it could be measured. In the future, only the people, who can afford drinking, would be the number one suspects when it comes to domestic violence.

Alcohol prizes might go up to somewhere between 1.70 and 2.20 per beer can. It is not a horrible prize, but it is definitely something to be concerned about. With wines the price range seems to be in par with mine. The minimum prize of wine might go somewhere between 7.20 and 8.80.

On the other hand I would suspect that people might still be drinking, and those who already use all their money to alcohol products will be the ones who will only get poorer at much faster rate.

What I truly believe is that alcohol consumption has many effects on society. Alcohol might break families, but it also creates new ones. Alcohol might be the cause of problematic gambling, but some winnings might only be due to the correct amount of alcohol usage. Anyways, this political process is definitely something to follow up on. It might also give a very good insight on how the mainstream politicians truly feel about alcohol.

Finland's neighbor, Sweden, has their own interpretation of Finnish alcohol politics. Robert Gustafsson shows the five stages of Finnish drinking (in Swedish):